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Published Articles

On Electronic Strings in Live Performance: The Design and Construction of an Electroacoustic Monochord Perspectives of New Music Vol. 20, Nos. 1 & 2, Fall-Winter 1981, Spring-Summer 1982.

A Regenerative, Internet-Driven Philosophical Engine Proceedings of the 1996 Inter-Symposium of the Electronic Arts

APPLICATIONS OF SHAPE MODELING TO INTERNET COMMUNICATION International Journal of Shape Modeling (IJSM) June 1999 (Volume 5, Number 1)

The Tactilization of CyberSpace TeleSculpture 1999 Institute for Studies in the Arts Arizona State University, Tempe (Phoenix); This event was held in conjunction with INTERSCULPT'99 French Senate, Paris.

Tactile Mathematics, Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Art and Mathematics, Maubeuge, France, 20-22 September, 2000.

Artist's Statement

Speculation on the Mind of God


Models of Communication

Volunteer Internet Publishing

A Letter on Corporeal Mathematics

Project Proposals

A Three-Dimensional, Kinetic Cellular Automaton (1993)

A Regenerative, Internet-Driven Philosophical Engine (1996)

Replicating the "Fractal Zoom" in Three Physical Dimensions (1998)

Braille-Annotated Tactile Models In-The-Round of Three-Dimensional Mathematical Figures (1998)

A Three-Dimensional Zoetrope (1999)

A Sculpture Expressing the Idea of Time (1999)

Corpus Mathematica (2001)

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