Project Proposal:

A Sculpture Expressing the Idea of Time

Stewart Dickson
23115 Bluebird Drive
Calabasas, CA 91302

The sculpture is composed of three main elements:

The sculpture depicts humanity's relationship to: The sculpture contains a vortex -- simultaneously representative of: Mapped onto the surface of the vortex will be randomly spaced and sized technological event icons -- three-dimensional versions similar to the event curves used by Stewart Brand in Figure 4.1 of " The Clock of the Long Now".

"History is an Angel being blown
Into the Future;

History is a pile of debris;

And the Angel wants to go back
And fix things;
To repair the things that have been broken.

But there's a storm
>From Paradise;

And the storm keeps blowing the Angel
Into the Future.

And this storm,
This storm
Is called

   -- Laurie Anderson, "Hansel & Gretel (For Walter Benjamin)"
      "Strange Angels", 1989
Stewart Brand, in "The Clock of the Long Now", reports on various extended versions of Moore's Law -- the exponential increase in technological capability with time -- leading to what some predict will be a techno-rapture at the time of the Singularity.

As I understand and interpret the Singularity event, either one of two possible outcomes will occur:

The proposed sculpture depicts the more optimistic, latter possibility.

The sculpture also speculates on the human condition on the other side of the singularity.

How are we to achieve this state of grace? -- In which our tools are so human-friendly, that we have this omniscient control over them? -- That we can live so harmoniously with them that we can be virtually free of them? Will we have physically modified ourselves to achieve this? In what way will we be modified?

I propose that we will be somehow tuned into the complexity of the quantum continuum itself. (See Roger Penrose' Computational Quantum Graviton (CQG) Theory, "The Emperor's New Mind", Oxford University Press)

Therefore, I propose that the figure in the sculpture will be encased in a bell jar and the figure will act as the cathode conductor element for a plasma display, after the work of Bill Parker, Guy Marsden and others.

The visual energy in the plasma radiating from the figure, will signify this angelic state we will have achieved after the singularity.

(c) Copyright 1999 Stewart Dickson