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From 1990 to 1996, Mathart.org was a Silicon Graphics, Inc.(SGI) Personal Iris 4D/20G, residing at the domicile and sculpture studio of Stewart Dickson, whose work was during that time represented by the Williams Gallery.

Possibly Stewart Dickson's earliest posting to the Internet, the poly2obj package at NetLib.org. Wed Jan 25 21:23:43 1989 was actually done via a chain of uucp e-mail forwarders. From: Stewart Dickson <celia!tpg!dickson@tis.llnl.gov>

The Internet domain name, mathart.com was born on 15-June-1994.

MathArt.com was announced at NCSA's What's New on the World-Wide Web on October 20, 1994.

From 1994 to 1995, Mathart.org was connected to the Internet via a 14.4kbps modem then an Ascend Pipeline 50 ISDN router via GTE, NetCom and Advanced Network Solutions.

In 2001, Mathart.org became an SGI Indigo2 Extreme.

Stewart Dickson is a pioneer in the field of visualizing mathematical objects in three physical dimensions using computer-aided rapid mechanical prototyping technologies, such as Stereolithography, etc.. Stewart Dickson has been an SGI and Alias|Wavefront 3D modeling and animation software user and developer since 1985.

Stewart Dickson is currently developing applications for Tactile Mathematics for the Blind using SGI OpenInventor.

Stewart Dickson has been an illustrator and computer graphics consultant for Wolfram Research, Inc., creators of the Mathematica(R) system for doing mathematics by computer. Mathart.com is provided by Silicon Graphics, Inc. and Wolfram Research, Inc.

Stewart Dickson has been a consultant to the Film School of the California Institute of the Arts since 1989. The CalArts Film School hosted a mirror site of Mathart.org from 1996 to 2012.

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