Fractal MUD

Artist's Statement

FractalMUD is a non-linear, collaborative parable on the conundrum of human existence.

A Julia set is an infinite, Quaternion-complex, four-dimensional Mandala of cosmic mystery.

Why does the graph look the way it does? How far in can one zoom? No one knows. There has never before existed a graph like this. How can we fully understand it? This object brings us to the limits of our comprehension.

The 3-D fractal exists with us in our world. How do we reconcile our existence in the face of such a confounding infinity?

We navigate FratalMUD using finite two-dimensional windows in our Web browsers. This is all current technology permits. We are two dimensions removed from the reality of the object.

What lies beyond the realm of our understanding? Traditionally, the boundary of our knowledge is filled with superstition and spirituality.

In FractalMUD, as in human history, an Oracle speaks from Beyond the unreachable Boundary. In ancient times, the oracle sat over a geological gas vent, was entranced by the vapours and spoke in tongues. In FractalMUD, our Oracle is under the influence of a random number generator. Warning: the Oracle is FractalMUD Oracle de-constructs religion leaving us with only our physical humanity, Mathematics and our remaining spiritual need. We must collaborate to fill this need.

Does the Oracle speak the truth? Or are the gods crazy? This is the question we must answer. Explore FractalMUD and seek the moment of Enlightenment. Approach the Oracle and share your wisdom with the other pilgrims you meet.

See Stewart Dickson's 3-D Fractal sculpture for direct 3-D sculpture of Quaternion Julia sets. We can do the Fractal Zoom in three physical dimensions. This technique brings you one dimension closer to Truth. Seek out these artifacts.

See also the technical description of FractalMUD.

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