DTM Corporation
		1611 Headway Circle
		Austin, Texas 78754
		512/339-2922 / (512)339-0634 (FAX)
Makers of Selective Laser Sintering solid powdered thermoplastic rapid prototyping technology.

The Sinterstation 2000 has a build capacity of twelve inches and can build parts directly in Polycarbonate, Nylon, machining wax or metals.

The host computer calculates sequential, horizontal (constant Z) cross-sections of the given CAD model. The SLS rolls powdered thermoplastic from a reservoir cylinder into the build cylinder, leaving a flat surface. A high-power Carbon Dioxide laser is scanned across the surface, heating and fusing the powder to a precise slice depth below the surface.

When the slice is fused and hardened, another slice-thick layer of powder is rolled into the cylinder. The next exposed layer, as it hardens, fuses to the previous layer.

Here is an example of a selective laser-sintered mathematical visualization in polycarbonate.

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